Welcome to my practice for couple therapy!

Are you missing the longed-for harmony in your relationship? 
Do you often feel sad and alone? 
Do harmless conversations turn into quarrels in no time? 
Are you frustrated and disappointed in your relationship - and do not know how to get resolution?

If any of this applies, I encourage you to restart your relationship. Searching for new ways and gaining a new perspective, so that movement comes into perhaps the stagnant relationship.

I support you with the help of EFT Emotional Focused Couple Therapy in Berlin-Wilmersdorf. 
This is a highly effective short-term therapy that strengthens the attachment of the relationship, it also recognizes and dissolves negative patterns.

EFT is designed for couples, partnerships, friendships and relationships of all kinds. If your partner is not open to therapy sessions, I recommend individual sessions in my Berlin practice that highlight and clarify one's own situation. For this I also offer techniques like "Nonviolent Communication" and "Inner Team".

Nothing makes us happier in life than a fulfilling love relationship.

Couple therapist Evelin Peach in Berlin-Wilmersdorf


Dr. Brené Brown on empathy. In this beautifully animated RSA short excerpt from her lecture "The Power of Vulnerability" as quoted by Dr. Brené Brown reminds us that we can only create a real empathetic connection if we are brave enough to reveal ourselves to be genuinely vulnerable.


Sue Johnson is one of the most extraordinary and important couples therapists of our time. She has advised thousands of couples and done in-depth research on the subject since the 1980s. In this interview she talks about her experience working with couples and the science of love.

If you are a couple, I highly recommend you read Sue Johnson's book "Hold Me On".


10 effective expert tips for couples

Based on the emotion-focused couple therapy by Dr. Sue Johnson

Tip 1

People have a basic need for closeness and security. We need each other and long for a special kind of emotional connection. This is not a sign of weakness, but of maturity and strength. So do not be ashamed of the need for a secure love relationship.

Tip 2

Even in happy relationships - anger, grief and fear can arise. Associated injuries are just as painful as physical ones. Do not ignore this pain. 
Even if you are afraid to be rejected, it is important that you send clear messages about the pain to your partner.

Tip 3

In strong love relationships, the partners turn to each other and show their needs. Love is the best survival strategy of all. It's about sharing what's in your heart.

Tip 4

Even though partners may be very different, you can still have a happy relationship. It is important that you come back to each other after a dispute, willing to learn to communicate better. Nothing is more dangerous to a relationship than ongoing emotional distance.

Tip 5

There is no perfect love relationship, do not retreat if you believe you have failed in the other's eyes. Your partner does not want perfection, they need emotional presence. Stay open and reachable for the other.

Tip 6

Everyday strife is often just a wave on the surface. The real argument is when a partner protests against losing the secure emotional connection. Often he/she may be critically demanding, but the inner most meaning is: "Where are you? Am I important to you? "Therefore: Always look under the surface of criticism and share your concerns and feelings with each other.

Tip 7

When we lose the emotional connection to our partner, we often see only two ways to deal with our vulnerability:  we attack and make demands or withdraw behind a protective wall. Both options are traps that separate even more. Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy helps you to overcome such unhealthy ways of dealing with love relationships. Try to listen to your longings and get back in touch with them.

Tip 8

Affection is the best tip for a long, happy love relationship. Hugging, holding hands, caressing and physical touch is an antidote to stress and the best way to find true love and happiness. Take time for each other. Cuddly hormones turn off stress hormones!

Tip 9

Romance can last a lifetime if the partners are willing to work on it. 
So do not give up if the sexuality is temporarily taking a break. Talk about it, this is how sex becomes a safe adventure. Love without open conversation is like landing without the help of the flight tower!

Tip 10

Key moments in strong love relationships are when the partners open, ask each other and say what they really need. This honesty and vulnerability requires courage, but also gives back magic and is transforming. Emotional Focused Couple Therapy expressly encourages you to take a deep breath and listen to your emotions. Then tell your partner why he / she is so special to you and what you need most from him / her…. simple and honest.




EFT gives you a blueprint for love.
According to recent studies, seven out of ten couples repair their relationship.
Love does not have to be a secret anymore.

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