Couple Therapy

What is EFT?

Emotional Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) is a highly effective short-term therapy, based on the theory of attachment by J. Bowlby , and by Canadian psychologist Dr. Sue Johnson and South African-born psychotherapist Leslie Greenberg.

In the process, the attachment relationship is strengthened and the experience of closeness and security is promoted. Negative interaction patterns of allegations, demands and blame, justifications and withdrawal are interrupted and dissolved.

Thus, encounters are possible in which even difficult feelings and underlying needs can be shared and new loving relationships can grow. 
According to recent studies, 90 percent of couples experience sustained improvements within eight to 20 sessions, and 70 percent even find basic healings.

Experience with EFT

Emotion-focused couple therapy in the video

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Evelin Peach, Member of EFT Community



Instinctively, we feel 
that no other experience will 
ever more affect our lives - or our happiness, our well-being - 
than to love and be loved again successfully.

   Sue Johnson 


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