Costs and Benefits of EFT Couples Therapy

EFT is a relatively new and scientifically tested couple therapy. This makes it not one of the usual therapies. Each session goes well beyond giving blanket advice. I consider your relationship to be a very valuable asset and therefore I devote significant time, heart energy, professionalism and my extensive training and experience to you. It greatly helps the process when couples see their relationship as extremely valuable, and recognize the investment required.

I minimize the financial costs by ensuring an effectiveness through my commitment to couples. Most partners who begin EFT couple therapy achieve good terms with each other after 1 to 10 sessions, especially when they recognize the importance of the investment in their relationship and wantto protect it!

Occasionally, therapy processes are ended early when it becomes clear that the prerequisites for success are no longer achievable. Asking for therapy at an early stage helps to avoid this situation. Couples do not unnecessarily invest time, money and energy in therapywhich no longer has a chance. Regardless of the outcome the benefit of therapy enables more understanding for one another and not only reduces emotional suffering, but also the costs of a difficult breakup.

Sometimes I have found that a few couplesjust can't afford the normal costs of couple therapy. For this reason, you can ask me before commencing a consultation about a price reduction in the event of a financial difficulty. Of course, this contingency is limited.

Offers and prices

Each Couple Therapy session includes a 90min. consultation for 180.- €. Including 19% USt.
(This also includes pre and post preparation time)

Each Individual session includes a 60min. consultation for 120.- €. Including 19% USt. 
(This also includes pre and post preparation time)

The same prices apply to Zoom online sessions


Cancellation fee

If you are unable to keep an appointment, please phone me 24 hours in advance. If cancellation is not made in time, a cancellation fee of 80 € for a couple session or 50 € for a single session will be charged.

Unfortunately, German health insurance companies do not cover the costs for a consultation.


(A remark quoted from a couple's letter in 2021 after their EFT therapy.)

DearEvelin, I have calculated the total cost of our EFT couple therapy that we have invested at 2500.00 euros. This could have easily been spent on a single vacation, however the EFT therapy has been a thousand times more sustainable for us!!! "



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